What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Spiritual Intelligence®SM (SI) refers to the skills, abilities and behaviors required to

  • develop and maintain a relationship to the Ultimate Source of All Being,
  • succeed in the search for meaning in life,
  • find a moral and ethical path to help guide us through life, and
  • act out our sense of meaning and values in our personal life and in our interpersonal relationships.

The skills and abilities that compose SI are derived from the ten divine Sefirot (pl; singular= sefirah) or emanations of God that are described in the mystical literature of the Kabbalah. Each sefirah has its own characteristics and energy (for example, wisdom, love, strength, healing), which is reflected in every individual. The descriptions of these characteristics and some of the ways in which you can develop them are described on the Competencies and Practices pages of our web site. The task of each individual is to develop the optimal expression of each sefirah that will enable him or her to achieve the goals of Spiritual Intelligence described above.

The basic skills and abilities of Spiritual Intelligence® are derived from the following ten Sefirot:

  • Chachmah – Intuitive Wisdom
  • Binah – Reasoned Understanding
  • Da’at – Knowing, Will and Intention
  • Hesed – Compassion and Love
  • Gevurah – Focused Power and Justice
  • Tiferet – Healing and Forgiveness
  • Netzach – Living with Zeal
  • Hod – Living with Dignity, Empathy and Commitment
  • Yesod – Creative Connection & Service
  • Malchut – Kingdom of God / Happiness and Fulfillment/Life with Optimal Spiritual Intelligence