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Rabbi Yaacov J. Kravitz, Ed.D.

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Spiritual Intelligence ®

Spiritual Intelligence refers to the development of mindfulness, awareness of the divine, choosing an ethical path and acting in accordance with one’s chosen values of for the benefit of self, others, community and the world.

We are here to help you with your spiritual journey and achieve your goals. Our web site, publications and programs offer you knowledge and practices that empower real change and the development of human potential. Learn about Spiritual Intelligence, interpersonal mindfulness, developing healthy mind states and more. Classes and individual guidance are available via live meetings, teleconference and other electronic formats. 


  • Spiritual Intelligence is about
  • Intuition, Discernment, Mindful wisdom
  • Love, responsibility, compassion, forgiveness
  • Deeds of  loving-kindness, humility, interpersonal mindfulness
  • Inner peace, world peace