Yaacov J. Kravitz, Ed.D., Founder and President of The Center for Spiritual Intelligence®SM, is a rabbi, speaker, author, spiritual consultant, and a certified pastoral counselor.

Rabbi Dr. Kravitz has spent over 40 years working on the integration of spirituality and psychology. His favorite personal spiritual practices include mindfulness meditation, Jewish meditation, yoga, prayer, chanting and study. He has developed a comprehensive program for learning the skills of Spiritual Intelligence ®SM  based on the ancient mystical teachings of the Kabbalah and the insights of modern psychology. Bringing that program to spiritual seekers and all those interested in the development of human potential is the work of the Center for Spiritual Intelligence, founded in 2007.

Rabbi Kravitz received his rabbinic training at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia, Pa.  Dr. Kravitz received his doctorate in Psychoeducational Processes from Temple University in 1983. He is a licensed psychologist and has a therapy practice in Pennsylvania. He was trained in organizational development and did his dissertation research on communication and productivity in supervision. He received additional training in psychotherapy and pastoral counseling at the Pastoral Counseling and Education Center in Dallas Texas. He has advanced training in Relational Insight Meditation


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  • Spiritual Intelligence is about
  • Intuition, Discernment, Mindful wisdom
  • Love, responsibility, compassion, forgiveness
  • Doing good, humility, interpersonal mindfulness
  • Inner peace, world peace